Kinga Grześków – Life and Cirque after Gymnastics (Part 2)

Well, once again I have an interview series… After I interviewed Gonçalo Roque, I got in touch with Kinga Grześków so I could have both sides of the story behind “Duo Destiny”.

Thank you so much for the opportunity Kinga!


Who is Kinga Grzesków?

PSP_5891-Edit-28.JPGHi, I am Kinga, a 21-year-old performing circus artist. Born in a small city in Poland, I started Acrobatic Gymnastics at the age of 7 and it was my passion for years. I eventually started competing and ended up being selected to be a part of the Polish National Team from 2006 until 2012 – when I finish my competitive career.

Not long afterwards I found out that I couldn’t live without this sport which helped me discover my new path – to become an artist, performing and travelling all around the world.

Finally, I could join my passions and hobbies in one thing that I love and call it my job.

I felt like my life was moving forward.


Could you share your favourite moments as a gymnast?

I can say that the best moments were during competitions. Mostly, international ones…

…there I was, surrounded by people like me, who were doing what I did, with very similar life styles… these moments gave me a different kind of adrenaline, made me feel alive…

And so, meeting people from all over the world, travelling far away just to do what I love… couldn’t be better!

Was the Circus life always in your plans or were there other options?

No, haha!

It was never in my original plan… I always wanted to study Medicine and become a Doctor… But, everything changed so suddenly that I couldn’t even believe how fast it happened!

It all began in Paris, at a Circus Festival called ‘Cirque du Demain’. That was where I fell in love with circus life and performing.

It was an incredible feeling, like I finally found my destiny!


What were the major changes when you went from gymnast to performer?

Basically, the way I felt, the way I performed, the way I understood what being an artist is… now I was doing it for myself, creating and acting the way I wanted which completely changed the reality I lived in.

Before it was home, gym, training, school, judges. Now it is stage, perform, travel all around the world, meet new people, visit new places I would never even imagine I could.


How has been the cirque experience so far?

It’s exceptional! I feel so lucky and proud because I can do what I love. There are few people who really enjoy what they do or have such an extremely different kind of job like mine.


Tell us a little more about Duo Destiny. How is work with Gonçalo?

1armIt was about 1,5 years ago we started our team work. We met in Pirates’ show in Mallorca where we had the chance to prove that we could make it. It was now or never… and we did it.

Since then everything changed. We adjusted our lives to the new opportunity we’ve been given. Working with Goncalo is just incredible! Mostly because of his patience (he has to be haha!) and because he can understand like no one else! We know our goals and we know why we do it.

We are both so full of crazy ideas, big dreams and unexpecting inspirations that we end up motivating each other.

Being exposed to so many different acts, I’m sure you’ve tried something different…

Of course! Once we’ve done many acts of hand to hand we really wanted to try something else, something new. So, we tried aerials and we learnt straps, silks, hoops… We’ve done all these things in our previous contract.

We meet so many people all around the world who do different acts that they can easily show us and teach us how to do it!

That’s another amazing side of this life. People are so open!


What has the future in store for you?

We never know! We have a lot of plans, of course, but that’s part of our lives and our business. At the beginning, it was much harder to guess what the next move could be. Now, when we already have travelled quite a lot, met so many people and experienced more life on stage we find it easier and get new opportunities faster.

For the moment, we’ve just finished our contract with Celebrity and so soon we are going to start another adventure for our life 🙂


Any advice for all the future performers out there?

Just do it! We learn to sacrifice and we sacrifice to learn.

If you love what you do but you are still afraid of the different reality you’ve heard thousands of crazy stories about – you shouldn’t think too much!

Everyone is important, your friends, your family, people who supported you in your past. But, in the end, no one knows you better than yourself! So, it doesn’t matter what others say! What is important is how you feel and what you really want! Because nobody else will live for you in the way that you love!

It is hard work (of course!) and it takes time (for sure) but, if you want to succeed, it’s the only way.

But it is worth it. At least try so you don’t regret in the future not trying.

And trust me, once you fall in love with it, you are stuck until the last days of your life



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