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The drive of an Athlete by Shane Roberts

Every four years after the Olympic Games, sports such as gymnastics receive a boost in membership and participant numbers due to the excitement generated by one of the few events in this world that brings so many nations together in such a positive way. Boys want to run as fast a Bolt, little girls want the artistic strength, skill and beauty of Biles and everyone just marvels at the brilliance of Phelps.


We see these amazing athletes and hopefully get inspired to achieve our own greatness. Whether that is joining a sport with intentions of being the best, starting a new fitness/health program or starting a new path in our life in an attempt to better ourselves. Unfortunately, this drive is very often short lived, for any number of reasons. Unrealistic goals, we can’t maintain the drive or the change is much for us. Those that are able to maintain that drive are usually driven to success. They set realistic goals, they know that change is not scary change can be a challenge, a challenge to be overcome with the drive they thrive off.

Sometimes roadblocks are thrown in the way. Sometimes an athlete, their coach and supporting team and network can do everything right and an injury can seemingly throw 12+ months of planning all away. However, sometimes that injury can make the athletes true colors shine, bring it their true personality and bring so much drive to the surface that it only heightens the drive to become the champion they deserve to be.

Through personal experience, this drive of my athletes has kept, me as a coach, in the game. When I felt like throwing it all away, seeing how much drive, enthusiasm and character my own athletes have, has driven me to continue on the path that had given me so much pride, happiness and joy in my life. That same path that will continue to help me help children and athletes achieve their goals and dreams while still living out mine.

As hard as things get sometimes remember to do what you love and remember the reason you love it. Things that make us happy sometimes may not seem worth it but if you stick it out the good times will always keep on coming and you will feel richer and more accomplished because of it!”

Lifelong Trampoline enthusiast
Shane Roberts


Shane Roberts has been coaching for 15 years, (both in Australia and New Zealand) and is currently the Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre’s trampoline team leader. He is also a Fig 4 judge and was part of the 2015 WAG judging panels.
Facebook Page: From the Coaches Side


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