Catherine Tracy – Chapter 2 of the Trampoline Pundit Triology

After a big break from writing on RSCoach Blog (mostly due to lack of time) I am proud to post one of the most overdue posts in my blog’s short history.
After I interviewed Leigh Hennessy Robson I felt the need to talk with the rest of the Trampoline Pundit team for worlds and make a triology out of it (Star Wars much?!).
Don’t forget to check the final chapter of this triology – Per Lindström .

I had the pleasure of interviewing Catherine Tracy. A gymnastics coach who has recently started her own business – Get Gymspired – covering gymnastics competitions (What a dream come true!)

Let’s learn a little more about Catherine Tracy’s history in Trampoline Gymnastics and her experience contributing for Trampoline Pundit.


Catherine Tracy

Who is Catherine Tracy?

I’m 35 and work as a gymnastics/trampoline coach in Vancouver BC.

What can tell us about your journey in gymnastics?

Catherine showing some beam skills
Catherine showing some beam skills

I began trampoline and tumbling at the age of 5 at a rec center in Revelstoke BC Canada.  I went to my first competition at age 8 and continued to compete for 14 years. In 1990 I competed at World Age Groups in Germany and then again in New Zealand in 1992. I was a member of the British Columbia team to Canadian Nationals 6 times. My best result was 4th in senior double-mini at 1996 Nationals. Knee injuries got the better of me and I retired in 2003 and began coaching full time. In 2013 after many years away from the sport I did my first Masters Gymnastics meet. I’ve competed in two now, and I do Trampoline, Beam and Floor. I do really simple stuff – it’s all for fun!

Any memorable moments you can share?

My most memorable meet was 1996 Nationals. I had come down with the flu and was told by a doctor I probably shouldn’t compete because I was too dizzy to walk. I had a day in between  to rest and I don’t know exactly what happened but I somehow got myself together, and when I competed in finals I was in the “zone.” It was like I was watching myself compete as it was happening I did my passes better than I have ever done them and stuck both my landings. I moved up to fourth and was just .1 from the bronze.

I was very happy to hear that you and Leigh would team up again for worlds but with a bigger team! What can you tell us about the Trampoline Pundit Crew for World’s?

Per Lindström at the 2014 Trampoline Worlds
Per Lindström at the 2014 Trampoline Worlds

This adventure all started when Leigh asked for guest bloggers to share their experiences back in 2013. I had a story to share about kids coming into the gym saying they wanted to be like Rosie and Jason. I wrote the blog and when I found out Pacific Rims would be in Vancouver I suggested to Leigh “Maybe I can cover the event for you.” We weren’t even sure it would be possible to get a press pass- but it worked out and things have just continued to get better and better! Per Lindstrom is an amazing photographer and he joined us here for Worlds and WAGs. Leigh was actually very busy with the commentary for Universal Sports, so Per and I were The Pundits for her 🙂 It was actually the first time I have met Leigh, she is an amazing woman in so many ways- it’s because of her that I have had all these opportunities!

Catherine and Leigh
Catherine and Leigh

And how was the experience of covering both 2014’s world events?

It was an incredible experience- all of it. For Worlds, I live-tweeted, wrote blogs and filmed interviews. During World Age Groups I had accreditation to film so I tried to get every single finals routine. I missed some, but I think I would say I got 90% of finals. Most days in the gym were 12 hours long but I loved every minute of it. I made plans to be in Daytona to watch as soon as I heard the announcement. Being able to wear the media accreditation was a bonus!

What were your favourite moments from the two weeks?

– Watching Rosie’s three triples, Austin White’s Triple-triple mini pass, and watching the 11-12 year old Russian girls at WAGs.
– Meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world
– Outside of the gym – I love Florida beaches so I tried to wake up to see the sunrise a few mornings

What is your opinion about the Canadian gymnasts performances in both world events?

At Worlds, I was so happy for Sam Smith, who trains in my home province- she made top 8 or the first time. Also Rosie’s performance was incredible- she just keeps pushing the envelope. I was really sad to hear about Karen’s injury. She has been an inspiration for me ever since I first watched her compete at my first nationals in 1993. I really hope she can return again.

In WAGs, the Canadian team was a little smaller than I thought it would be, but they still had some great performances.  It would have been so nice to hear the anthem! Next year!

And how about the Portuguese?

I was truly impressed with Portugal in many ways. I noticed the level of Tumbling in Portugal has really gone up in recent years. Double mini is spectacular as always. My Favourite part about the Portuguese team is the team spirit. No matter what happens- the team is so supportive. I love the chanting and cheering- I made a point to get a very special interview with some Portuguese medalists and their team behind them…this should be up soon on Trampoline Pundit!

What message would you like to leave to all our readers that are on their own world’s path?

I think the most important message I can give, is never give up on your dreams. If you want to do something you can find a way to do it. I never made it to World Championships as an athlete, yet my dreams came true in a funny roundabout way by attending as media. I had many moments where I thought I might give up on a gymnastics related career but things have worked themselves out in such an amazing way. Because of the work I have done with Trampoline Pundit, Gymnastics Canada has asked me to be the Sport Information officer for Trampoline in the Canada Winter Games this February. This is something I would have never even imagined possible a year ago. It makes me believe that anything is possible, and I have started to believe that this will get me to the Olympics someday. Whether I am coaching or reporting, I want to be able to inspire people. The athletes inspire me, and I hope I can pass along the inspiration with my writing and videos.

You can follow Catherine’s competition coverage on:
Facebook: @gymspired
Twitter: @Gymnasticath


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