Chetkovich Cup 2014

The past Saturday (18th of October 2014) I went to the HBF Stadium to go through the Chetkovich Cup experience for the first time. As I explained on my latest blog post – 2014 Chetkovich Cup – it is a Western Australia Gymnastics event featuring all seven disciplines of Gymnastics where one of six teams can win The Chetkovich Cup. The Allana Slater medal was also up to grabs by the most artistic routine performed.


The scoring process is simplified and every routine is judged out of ten points for difficulty degree, execution and “flair” for a maximum total of 30 points. The “flair” judges were three Australian Olympians: Jesse Phillips and Steven Bird (Australian K2 200m Olympians) and Brad Scott (Australian Paralympic Athlete – Athletics). Being from different sports, they were given the responsibility of deciding which routine would be the winner of the Allana Slater Medal because they were in a position to really appreciate the gymnastics “WOW” factor.

The six teams were composed by 6 gymnasts each from different branches of the gymnastics tree. Unfortunately, some of the team picks got injured and had to be replaced as shown in the following list:

BLUE TEAM – Team Captain Danielle Prince (RG); Joshua Di Nucci (MAG); Georgia Thomas (WAG); Alexandra Wilde (AER); Curtis Booth (TRP); RG Big Bang (GROUPS)

GREEN TEAM – Team Captain Jayden Cooney (TRP); Ryan Samuel Ciupac (MAG); Paige James (WAG); Amy Quinn (RG); Karissa Marshal (AER); Starz Elite (GROUPS)

PURPLE TEAM – Team Captain Elliot Stratton (TRP); Max Woloszyn (MAG); Emily Little (WAG); Jordana Shilington (RG); Cairo Leicester (AER); RG Little Sparks (GROUPS)

PINK TEAM – Team Captain Olivia Vivian (WAG); Gabriel O’Sullivan (MAG); Kosara Yovcheva (RG); Thoma O’Sullivan (AER); Abbie Watts (TRP); Greenwood Titans (GROUPS)

RED TEAM – Team Captain Lauren Michel (WAG – replaced by Yasmin Collier); Jake Thompson (WAG); Alexandra Synnerdahl (RG); Giveney How (AER); Jack Petrie (TRP – replaced by Liam Jeans); ACR Trio Jednorog (GROUPS)

YELLOW TEAM – Team Captain Zoe Tisdale (AER); Blaz Puljic (MAG); Gillian Chan (WAG); Nicole Phillips (RG); Leilani Golding (TRP); ACR Trio Spirit (GROUPS – replaced by WAG’s Nikky Smith)

After a little demo of all the different apparatus, done by the future Western Australia’s Gymnasts everything was set to go. The 6 team captains were presented and, for each team colour, there was a little jingle for the audience to sing every time their favourite team was on stage. One by one, all the gymnasts did their routines, trying to surprise the audience and the “flair” judges but, nothing had prepared us for Olivia Vivian’s routine. With a different, awesome and amusing Uneven Bars routine with George Thorogood’s “Bad to the Bone” blasting away.

What an incredible moment!

Besides all of the 36 great routines all the participating gymnasts did, the audience had two more special treats: A full Rhythmic Gymnastics demo, by the Australian Olympian and Chetkovich Cup co-host Janine Murray and, even though injured, Lauren Michel presented the audience with a great floor demonstration.

After all the routines, like in every single competition, it was time to announce the winners. The Allana Slater medal was given to Danielle Prince for her flawless and eye catching ribbon routine. The Chetkovich Cup was won by the BLUE TEAM, coincidentally captained by Danielle Prince. Here is a list with the podium results:

2nd – RED TEAM

As a summary, I only have one question: When is the next one?


2 thoughts on “Chetkovich Cup 2014

  1. Thought it was very well run. Think it finished too late for the little kids who were falling asleep and they were wanting autographs from the athletes. Maybe interview the competitors at the end or perhaps not all of them so it can finish earlier…
    I know it’s hard to keep the prices down but I thought the tickets were way too expensive for families and if they were cheaper perhaps the stadium might have been filled up.
    Excellent venue and brilliant for children to view all these sports.

    Liked by 1 person

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