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TRIFFIS – Sharing trampolines since 2012

We were in 2011 and my journey in the world of trampolines was, in my view, in full swing. I had recently received my level 2 coach qualification; was coaching a great team that, until then, were doing an enviable journey in terms of objectives and conquered goals, even under somewhat adverse conditions; I had made great friends with whom I learned a lot; I took part in many events and competitions in our local and national circuit but something was missing…


At a time when social networks helped spreading news about major sporting feats and through which I followed important competitions of our trampolining national team, I came to the conclusion that these news did not reach everyone and the information that did, only showed a tiny part of our sport’s reality.

I was alarmed but glad when I realized I was not alone and that others felt the same way I did. With no major action plan we gathered to create something that, somehow, would help streamline the trampolining events in a global and interactive way. Thus was born TRIFFIS.

Many of you know this project but do not know that it arose from the desire of a coach, a judge and a father. The desire to do something more for the sport and its gymnasts.

Although the first jump was given in early 2012, the Facebook page was created in June 11th 2011. Our first goal was sharing trampoline news. After a time we felt like it would be a great idea to revisit our trampoline national history through “RANDOM”. We started sharing random pictures of important moments in the history of each of our readers in the world of trampolines. At this time our project received one of the best feedbacks – YOUR participation. You made “RANDOM” possible by sharing, helping to identify the locations, people, events, and thus helping to tell our story.

“The Wheel” was in motion but we wanted more. Our gymnasts deserved more, and with this in mind, we created “The Gymnast of the Month” in which all of our followers nominated and voted for the monthly Facebook cover feature. Again, tireless, all our friends contributed in an exemplary manner by nominating, voting and publicizing every single one of these events was created. These are not the gymnasts of the month TRIFFIS, these are the gymnasts of the month of EVERYONE

Because your opinion was very important for us, it was taken into account in the decisions that followed. With this we gained a new image with a new colour palette; a new slogan – “sharing trampolines since 2012” – and a new rubric HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Within our means, our friends receive a customized image on their birthday and congratulations from our big family. Some of you help by informing of gymnasts, coaches and others birthdays, and once in a while, to give a friendly and well received, slap on the wrist – “look I didn’t receive my congratulations.”

Are we stopping here? NO! There are many ideas and rubrics to put into practice. We only need your continued support so that trampolines get even BIGGER… Maybe an International page?


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