INTERVIEW – António Santos

Today I have another interview with someone who used his gymnastics background (trampoline) and applied it to a new activity – Free Running. Let’s meet António Santos


Who is António Santos ?

I’m from Carregado, hence my parkour nickname – “CARREGAS”. I’m 20 years old and my dream is to live connected to the parkour and free running movements.

What was your path in Gymnastics?

As a gymnast I had a long journey. I began trampolining after I started my parkour training because I wanted to add summersaults to my way of movement, turning myself into a free runner. I really liked trampolining so I kept on evolving and became a mini-trampoline national champion in 2009. I won a few more individual and team titles although I never had great expectations in this area.

Do you think that it was your experience in trampolining that allowed your current career as a Free Runner?

In fact, my experience in trampolines contributes immensely to my development as a free runner, although I do some techniques that are similar to those made on trampolines, the scenarios in which I apply them are quite different, which implies also totally different approaches but, without my gymnastics background I certainly hadn’t learned many of the techniques I use now so quickly.

What have been your highlights as a Gymnast and Free Runner?

Perhaps what I’m most proud of is belonging to the “LineTeam” because they helped me to get to where I am now and continue to make progress and evolve. At this point I see them almost like family. I don’t care much about free running competitions but, I am proud to have been the winner of the first event, of its kind, that occurred in Portugal, the “Red Bull Reconquista”. It was really special.

What are your current projects?

Currently I try to invest as much as I can on sharing the “Line Team” name so we can fulfill our most ambitious projects. For this we have a facebook page ( ) which fans can follow by subscribing to our content . I have also worked on some more personal projects as an artist , and have performed some shows. This year I return for another season of “Baia dos Piratas” at Zoomarine, Algarve. Besides that, I’ll just keep on fighting for parkour and free running to become something great in Portugal and so, people in general will realize that they are disciplines that have a huge growth potential and so much to offer.

Some advice for future free runners?

Yes! With the growth of the name of our discipline, many of the practitioners who are at the beginning tend to hurry to get harder skills done. This isn’t the correct path and may even cause serious problems for adopting a less responsible attitude. My advice: loads of training respecting your comfort zone, always stretch and, above all, love what you do! With time and practice, everything is possible!

Follow António‘s youtube channel for some awesome new videos 😉


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