2014 Double Mini-Trampoline National Championships (Portugal)

The Portuguese National Double Mini Trampoline and Tumbling Championship was held in May 3rd in Leiria , at the “Pousos” Pavilion, where my club (Assiociação Trampolins Fabriltramp) was represented in the following Double Mini Trampoline levels by 3 gymnasts :
13-14 – Inês Mendes and Raquel Solposto;
15-16 – João Paulino.

The day began early, with our trip from Barreiro to Leiria so our gymnasts had the opportunity, during podium training, to adapt to the competition apparatus. Although with some nervousness in the mix, the first moments on the competition grounds went smoothly with our 3 representatives completing their passes with similar quality to the ones they did on training and showing us that our most important goal was possible – TO FULFILL!
After a brief break, it was time for the girls to put into practice all they had learnt, not only this season but throughout their careers in the sport. They took on the challenge in the best way possible and, pass after pass, showed that, when you really WANT something, everything is possible. They showed that, by continuing to work as they have done in the past few weeks, “the sky is the limit.”

It was now João’s turn. Beyond the FULFILL goal, he had to SECURE acrop spot in the TOP 5, so he could qualify for his first participation in the Portuguese Cup.

After an excellent warm-up, much discussion among coaches and gymnast on the script for his routines and after making a final decision came the moment of truth.
I can still see João, head hidden in his T-shirt, mentally preparing the seconds that followed and made it possible to overcome all our expectations. After two AWESOME routines João managed to be Junior Double Mini Trampoline National Champion and to qualify for the Portuguese Cup.
Now on a personal tone, I have no words to express what I felt in the moments that followed, but I confess, I was a bit stunned and only believed that everything had happened when I saw him on the podium receiving his gold medal.

I cannot end my outburst without thanking ALL who have made this moment possible. To my fellow coaches Susana Dias and João Batista; to our club managers Sandra Costa , João Costa and André Calhegas ; to all our gymnasts’ parents who believe in this project and did everything so their children may feel fulfilled and happy. Finally , to all our gymnasts who both progressed and helped me grow as a coach and as an individual. BELIEVE, WORK and always remember : “I can’t” doesn’t exist!

Here are the routines::


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