INTERVIEW – João Faria

Although with some delay, I congratulate my cousin João Faria for the first year of LOBOSKA, sharing our interview from December 2013. I wish you the best of luck. KEEP IT UP!


Who was João Faria B.L. (Before LoBoSka)?
Before LoBoSka, I worked in a Media Agency, and, in the past 3 years I specialized in Digital Marketing.

Why Longboard and Skateboard?
It all started in a mini-vacation in Barcelona, where I saw lots of longboarders practicing the sport for fun and/or transportation. I immediately thought “this is an activity I would like”. When I returned, I hastened to acquire my first longboard.


And how did you turn the hobby into a business?
Over time and with the knowledge of the Lisbon community, I thought we needed a specialized shop in the capital, since most of the stuff was bought in other European shops. I also opened an online store to take advantage of my knowledge in this area.

Do you feel that the sport has grown in Portugal?
Yes. The so-called street skating was already well established, but my bet was on longboarding that, even with a lower number of riders, has also grown considerably, especially since the store opened.

What are, in your opinion, the best longborading spots?

Lisbon is not an “easy” city to skate due to its morphology and the almost exclusive use of cobblestone. There are however a few spots around here , each with its features:
Talaíde for “all purpose” use; Industrial Park in Vialonga (great for beginners);
Jardim da Estrela (more “radical” because you can only ride at night);
Mega Ramp in Vialonga (excellent for practicing slides , but not accessible to most).

We are always looking for good spots, but unfortunately these are all more than 200 Kms away.

What have you managed to do since the opening of the store?

We always try to work so that the community can grow, conducting workshops for beginners and longboarder Meetings, which are always fun and participated.

Advice for anyone who wants to start?
Firstly we encourage you to learn from experienced longboarders . It is undoubtedly the best way to learn and evolve. Of course it is mandatory to use protection gear (helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads ).



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