Today I’ll be talking with Greg Roe. He’s a gymnast, a coach, jumps from cranes on to air bags, has a big skills program on youtube and big plans for the future!

Thank you Greg, for everything!

Greg Roe

Tell us a bit about yourself 

My name is Greg Roe and I am a trampolinist from Canada. I am a national level trampoline coach as well as a high level gymnastics coach. I have a long background in Gymnastics, having made it to the junior national level with a national gold medal on Parallel Bars. I transferred over to trampoline to try and pursue a new level of “big tricks” and started competing. I won Nationals my first year in the Open category and moved up to senior the next year. I have been fighting up and down the ranks for the last few years and have spread my name throughout the trampoline world with my “No excuses, Just GO!” attitude which has allowed me to do many skills that others are too afraid to do.
I found that I wanted to learn more about the way sorts affected our body and our mind so I took a kinesiology degree after High school. I fell in love with learning as I actually had an application. I am finishing up my last 3 courses and then I will be going for my masters in Physiology based research projects.

It has helped me get an edge in the competitive trampoline world as it has shown me exactly how to be the best theoretically. All I had to do was try out the new techniques on the trampoline and voila!. My school education has also helped me train my athletes. It really helped that I actually knew the deep root reasons as to the different training techniques that no one was able to tell me. It has helped me create a strong bond between my athletes and has given me confidence in their independence as athletes.

I ‘ve gotten a bunch of small certifications to touch upon other aspects that the educational system missed and I am very happy for it. I have worked with some of the best athletes in the world, have tested and given them programs in order to achieve better results. Having a background in high level sorts makes it that much easier to communicate with my athletes no matter what level they are.

coachHow is a Day in Greg Roe’s life? 

Typically my day is focused around my business. Everything I have a high level of expertise in, is moulded into a business to help all acrobats perform better and reduce injuries. It is a complicated business with a lot of work to be done but it is growing.

I usually get up around 9 am, and start doing some research in many different aspects such as marketing, business, exercise science etc. I make a few posts here and there of interesting information or videos that I find. I go off to school where I tend to get wrapped up in business as well and only take in about half the lecture. I then spend some time after class in the library trying to figure out what I missed. I go to coach my athletes who are moving up in the trampoline world and then I go train myself.

Lately I have reduced my training hours because I have been meeting with business partners and associates very regularly to get a foundation for my business. Setting up a long term profitable business takes a lot longer than many think. Then if I make it home without falling asleep I throw on a documentary or informative program of some sort, cook and chow down before falling asleep.

Do you still have time to #GOGREGROE? 

I sure do but this is in-between my business. I have now almost completed my platform on which I will build on and once the building begins I can then be a full time athlete and work towards winning some world championships. I miss training twice a day and almost feel like a regular sedentary individual at times. Scary isn’t it? This year I foresee a top 3 finish nationally, a few good placings at world cups and a first ever trip to world championships. I feel at times that the Canadians do not take me seriously due to the fact I have different goals and values but I will show them that someone can run a corporation, Go Greg Roe and do well at competitions.

Tell us how you came up with the INSANE TRICK SERIES

I came up with the insane trick series to shine some focus onto my favourite aspect of the sport. I did not start trampoline to just do some simple doubles and triples. I want to do the quads and quints. That is where the fun really is. It is too bad that the ceiling is so low at sky riders as I could possibly do bigger tricks without that limitation. I am working towards that in my business plan as well however. A bit of marketing showed me that a regular scheduled program is always better then a random video. So I took my 20 top skills and made some episodes. It got great reviews and I will be bringing back some insane tricks for everyone soon.

I was hoping to inspire some people to throw some bigger skills. Show people what is possible and hopefully a few help e make it a reality within the sport. We need to create a new category with huge stunts and hard routines/combinations with no form. The sport has to grow if the sport wants to make money. Without money the sport dies. I do not want it to die so let’s step up the game and start competing quads and 7 twisting bounce rolls/porpoises 🙂

Any new ideas?

I have a booklet full of the ideas I will implement at “some” time. I can’t discuss these at the time of as then I lose the art of surprise which can make or break a business. Let’s just say that if all goes according to plan then in years to come the skills being performed will make my skills look easy.

Any advice for our readers?

So many people ask me for advice on a daily basis and a lot of it is the same. To be a world class athlete you need some good genetics, ALOT OF HARD WORK and a bit of good timing.

Genetics determines how easy you learn a skill. Some never quite get it and it is a shame. Most give up long before they should. Genetics will separate a world champion from the top 5 but HARD WORK gets you to the top 5. At that point it’s any ones game. If you want to be the best and you want it enough you will get it.

I think the misconception revolves around HOW MUCH you want it. Many think they want it but they really don’t. If you are not losing sleep over thinking about training and competitions you don’t want it. If you are not almost being brought to tears everyday just at the concept of standing on the podium in the future, you don’t want it.  If you are not willing to risk an injury every day, then you don’t want it.

Il’l give you an example. When I posted the video of me doing three quads (almost) I threw in a video of me landing from 20 feet on the solid frame. I coughed out blood, heard cracks and was dazed for a at least 5 minutes. I then got up, laughed, had a drink and did it again. My back and ribs ached and felt like they were not in place but that does not matter. The only thing that matters is your goals. I wanted to do three quads and I was not leaving that day until I had at least one for the third quad.

People ask me if I get scared. Of course I do. Every time going for a new big skill my thought at the top of the bounce is “oh man what if I die?”. By the time I get to the trampoline I have already convinced myself that “Just go, who cares if you get hurt. It will be a cool video either way so what do I have to lose?”  And then I go. I have a lot of bad wipe outs but I am still here.

I guess the most valuable tip I can give is that all athletes need to condition like gymnasts. Having a gymnastics background has shown me how unprepared the average trampolinist is. I am seeing injuries that should not be happening. It is due to the fact that a lot of people forget about conditioning so the body is not meant to take a hard fall. Train hard falls and crunched ankles from a young age and your body will handle it like it is nothing. Do not wait until you make junior team. It is already too late and you have limited your body’s ability to protect you. You have a very weak shield and injury is inevitable.  I am open to helping anyone create a good conditioning program so please contact me if you want some personalized help.

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